Chimney Caps

The best investment you can make to protect your chimney is a good quality chimney cap. A chimney cap prevents entry of rain and animals and helps contain sparks. The number one cause of damage to chimneys is rain and weather. Bird and animals are also attracted to chimneys. Chimneys offer a nice, tall place to live with secure protection. However, animal and bird nests are highly flammable and if the critter can't exit through the top of the chimney, she and her babies will try and exit through the bottom, right in your house! Chimney caps can also help solve certain chimney performance problems.

Top Damper Cap mounts on the top of your chimney. On Top? Yes, that is the perfect location to create an airtight seal. A cable drops down your flue and attaches to a handle which mounts where you can reach it for a convenient opening and closing.

The top damper cap is made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel, prevision fitted with our special silicone rubber gasket.

Say "yes" to savings. Have Flue Flusher put the Top Damper Cap to work for you. save energy,say warm, protect your chimney from moisture and your home from pests. These benefits will all be yours when you say yes to our Top damper cap.


Fireplace Dampers

Keep heat and enerfy in and rain and animals out. The Top Damper Cap seals tight with a silicone rubber gasket. A Top Damper Cap seals tight, so virtually no air, and thus no heat or air conditioning gets lost up your chimney. It also eliminates downdrafts, seals out rain which can deteriorate the inside of your chimney, and prevents entry by pests like squirrels, raccoons, and nesting birds.

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Spark Arresters and Performance Problems

A good chimney cap also includes a screen that helps control sparks. On windy days, chimney draft can be affected and if sparks exit the chimney they can ignite nearby trees, leaves and other flammables. If your home is located within a wooded area, a chimney cap with a spark arrester is strongly recommended. 

Don't be an ash, get your chimney swept today!